Recycled Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal Scrap

We are engaged in supplying of wide range of metal scrap. Recycled metals provided by us are often a more cost-effective and in some cases, better alternative to raw metals. We are sourcing different grades of scrap and recycled ferrous & non-ferrous metals from our partner yards in Middle East, West & East Africa. Due to the extensive ground knowledge and relationship with yards we are able to continuously supply premium grade metal scrap to our Global Clients with assured quality, timely delivery & clear documentation. Our suppliers are carefully screened for experience, quality, and professionalism so that our clients have a smooth transaction.

We source the following Recycled Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metal Items from Dubai, Singapore to our customer base in China, India, Taiwan, Korea, USA and Middle East :

  • Lead
  • Steal
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Lead Ingots
  • Lead Cable Stripping’s
  • Primary Zinc Ingots
  • Cast Iron Scrap
  • Used M.S. Pipes, shafts, tubings