Animal & Bird Feed

We offer you a bouquet of superior quality oil seeds and bird feeds. These includes various sesame seeds, safflower and sunflower seeds. We ensure that our products are of top grade and meet the global standards. We source these seeds from top producers in USA, Brazil, Argentina, China & India; where the finest grade oil seeds are packed using state of the art technology and by Sortex cleaning that protects the seeds from environment, pests etc.

We understand your unique needs and that’s why we offer packing as per your convenience. From 500gm pack to 50kg sacks, just let us know your requirement and we will go an extra mile to meet your exact needs.

Our motto is superior quality at most competitive price and prompt delivery!

We source the following Animal & Bird Feeds :

  • Rape Seeds (balaatkaar beej)
  • Cotton Seeds (binaula)
  • Coconut Seeds (khopara)
  • Lin Seeds / Flax Seeds (alasee ka beej)
  • Castor Seeds (rendee)
  • Safflower Seeds   
  • Cassia Torae Semen Seeds 
  • Sesbania Seeds
  • Sun Hemp Seeds
  • Green Millet  (Bajra)
  • Yellow Millet
  • Maize – White / Yellow
  • Sorghum  – Milky-White / Snow-White / Red
  • Niger Seeds
  • Blanched Peanut (safed moongaphalee)
  • Mustard Seed (saraso ke beej)
  • Peanut Kernels Various (moongaphalee ke daane guthalee)
  • Natural Sesame Seed (til beej)
  • Peanut (moongaphalee)
  • Sesame Seed (patavaar til beej) – Natural / Black / Roasted / Hulled / Peeled
  • Pumpkin Seed Snowwhite (kaddoo beej)
  • Soyabean Seeds (soyaabeen beej)
  • Sunflower Seed (soorajamukhee beej) – Black / Grey strips